Learn To Love Yourself

There’s a hard truth in life that everyone needs to know: not everyone is going to be there for you for the right reasons. It is a tough truth to hear but it’s what we all have to come to terms with. This truth took a while for me to personally understand and there are still days when I tend to forget, but I know it’s there. 

You can be the nicest person, doing everything for everyone, and leaving yourself in the dark just so the people around you can get their chance to be in the light. Is it right? Should you allow yourself that misfortune of paving a way for everyone but leaving yourself stranded on the side lines watching their success? The answer to both those questions is,


No one should be made to feel as if the only thing that they are able to do is to help others and not take advantage of the fact that it before the others it was only you by yourself. Here’s a rule that might be worth taking, be selfish, be unforgiving of putting you above others. In the end, it will feel great. It is natural to have that unnerving sense of guilt trust me I’ve been there sort of still there, but the best feeling is you get to jump into that space of where you’re like,


No longer feeling like it won’t ever happen but feeling like it did, and you made that happen. It’s funny there would be people around you who would applaud you for accomplishing something even if it’s a small accomplishment, but they will still be there and there are people that will see that accomplishment and tear you down – they were meant to your friends. 

The feeling of betrayal from people you trusted is an unfortunate part of life. Like I said in the beginning not everyone is going to be there for you for the right reasons. It only takes one moment in one day at any time for a person to say or do something against you which then leaves the trust broken. 

You are going to have to trust your instincts that the people around you want what’s best for you. Try and cut away the negative vibes you might feel, live your life with the unforgiven feeling that you are worth more than what one person can do to you.


The feeling of loving the people around you but not being too afraid to sometimes be hurt at times when you least expect it. Love yourself more than you love others, that’s not a bad feeling to have. As humans, we are stronger than we tend to give ourselves credit for. 

By Deanna Tuitt