Planning + Life = Changes we don’t Always Expect

Have you ever wondered why life isn’t going the way you planned? I could say from experience that the way I planned my life isn’t how it turned out to be. 

Were there any regrets for that outcome? Maybe; but there was one thing I learned about planning your life, don’t plan the big things so quickly because something just might come in the way of that and ruin whatever you had in mind.

I could give you a prime example of that. I’ve always dreamed of owning a clothing store showcasing my designs and the clothes I’ve made but that didn’t happen. 

Now it wasn’t for the lack of hard work because hard work was there. The simple answer is that life happened, situations happened and for a lack of a better phrase, but my world was rocked… tested even. 

I could tell you what life and planning have in common – they both test your abilities and your strength. There’s this saying that I’ve grown up with, “the lord doesn’t give you too much that you won’t be able to handle”.

That simply means at times when the there’s a roadblock in the way of your plans there’s always a way you could overcome it and succeed. 

What you may have initially dreamed your life to be, there’s always that one other layer or window to lead you through another, even better dream. 

Now I am not saying you should abandon your first dream, I didn’t entirely, but the other dream that you may have might just put you onto a different path completely with fewer roadblocks. 

It might sound like I’m saying: 


Wrong, it’s good to plan but it is always good to leave room for disappointment. 

What I mean by that is, make your plan, do the hard work that’s needed but be cautious as well, open to any possibilities.

It’s like crossing the street –  you look both ways, left and right just to see if it’s safe to get the other side but what if you suspected that the road was clear and as you are about to take a step a car speeds up almost taking you with it. 

Don’t assume everything would go the way you intend it to because something might just come in the way of that. 

Now I’m going to say this, and I absolutely believe in this. If we don’t take charge of own life everything we envisioned for ourselves will be invalid. 

Yes, as human beings we are bound to make mistakes and things are inevitable to happen that we can’t control. But whether we plan or not just know if it doesn’t go as you’d want it to, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen somewhere down the road.

Planning and life is just another way of saying “take the road trip that is your life, try new things who knows… another dream might help expand the first”. 

By Deanna Tuitt