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LinkedIn – the professional networking social media site

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn quicky became the largest professional networking site available. It now has over 760 million registered members from more than 150 different countries. But, why do so many people choose to set up a LinkedIn account? Well, typical motivations are: Finding a job opportunity; Sharing a job opportunity; And connecting with other […]

Writing a Strong CV

Before I jump into the dos and don’ts of writing a CV, it’s useful to cover some of the basics. What is a CV? What does CV stand for? Why do we need a CV? What is the difference between a covering letter and a CV? A CV, or Curriculum Vitae (Latin, translation – ‘course […]

Moving To London At 18

When I turned 18 and finished my studies in my home country, I packed my bags and moved to London to embark on my dream to study music in the big city. This is my journey and how I learned to survive the many challenges of “adulting” in a foreign country. I’ve always had a […]

Time Flies, While Being Abroad

From my personal involvement in studying/ interning abroad, it’s definitely an unforgettable few months that you will continuously have in the back of your head. But since London is such a large city, sometimes it gave me anxiety and made me feel too overwhelmed to the point that I didn’t explore and manage my time […]

How Drama Can Increase Your Self-Confidence

In my first years after joining secondary school, I often found it hard to have confidence in myself; my parents’ evenings were filled with my teachers telling me that I was too quiet in class and people would often ask me to speak up, so they could hear what I was saying. However, after attending […]

How to Deal with Exam Stress

Already stressed for GCSEs, A levels or Uni exams? Here are a few tips that you can use to fight your nerves. PREPARING Revision is probably the most important for exams; you need to know the content! This also improves your confidence when going into the exam room. If you are prepared for the exam, […]

Cultural Differences Between the UK and the US

Recently, I went on a trip to America to visit my grandparents; I have been going to the US for this purpose ever since I was little, but as I have grown up and become more aware of my surroundings, I have started to notice the subtle differences that are present between the two countries. […]

Volunteering in The Community

Are you looking for volunteering or other things you can do to improve your work experience or your CV? Maybe you want to learn and explore new skills or find a way of giving back to your community. There is such a variety of options and activities that there is always something that appeals to […]

The Difference between University and Secondary Education

In high school, I was taught about Thomas Malthus’s theory of population in my GCSE geography class. We were taught that Malthus theorized population growth will surpass food production so there will be a point of crisis where we cannot sustain the population.  At the time, we did not delve deeper into this theory and […]

Patience is the Key to Success

You most likely heard the saying ‘Patience is the Key to Success’ which is practiced irrelevant to the social, religious, ethnic, gender or any other factors that differentiate people. One who’s patient tends to be happier according to some scientific studies which are linked to why older people tend to be happier.  According to the Cambridge Dictionary, patience is […]