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What Makes Good Media Representation?

What are some markers of quality representation in TV and film? If you’ve been online in recent years, involved in social justice discourse, or simply enjoy knowing about media and popular culture, you may have come across the hashtag or phrase “Representation Matters.” This slogan can refer to representation in any field and realm, but […]

A Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Birthday

On March 10th of this year, I turned 21 years old. In Britain, where I’m currently studying and working abroad, this event typically wouldn’t be celebrated more than any other birthday. However, in the United States, a young person might expect to experience a few significant birthdays, around which a particularly big fuss must be […]

Observations on Class in Britain and the United States

After being in Britain for a few months, I already feel that I’ve learned so much about British life, both from my classes and daily interactions and experiences. I have been most interested in what I’ve learned about class and the socioeconomic distinctions in modern and historical British life, especially in comparison to the US. […]

Sustainability in London

During my last class on British life and culture, my peers and I were assigned group ‘walks’ through various areas of London. We were instructed to research the area, take an hour-walk through its streets, and note what we saw and learned with regards to sustainability efforts there. I was interested to learn about sustainability […]

‘Red Pitch’ at Bush Theatre Gets to the Heart of Football and Friendship

Red Pitch, playing at the Bush Theatre until March 26, is a uniquely special, must-see play. It’s not often that one gets the chance to experience a well-crafted show so hilarious, touching, authentic and highly relevant all at once. Directed by Daniel Bailey and created and written by Tyrell Williams, the play stars Kedar Williams-Stirling, […]

International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Tyarna Agyekum

In 1992, the United Nations declared the 3rd of December as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Since then, the day has served the purpose of promoting disability rights and reflecting on the social, cultural, economic and political lived experience of persons with disabilities.  Furthermore, the acknowledgement of International Day of Persons with Disabilities […]


I pride myself in being mostly focused on fiction as a reader. I adore big castles, dramatic battles and a good character arc, however I’m not averse to non-fiction. Throughout the years I’ve delved into a few non-fiction pages that truly changed my life, or at the very least gave me a new perspective. Here […]


As an international student, I’ve learned what’s needed at university the hard way. When I needed something urgently and I didn’t have money, I couldn’t easily run to my parents and ask for some quick cash. Throughout my semester at the University of Pennsylvania this happened a lot of times – a truly embarrassing amount. […]


It all started in 6th grade. Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson launched my life into a whole world that I never thought could’ve existed. It was a world filled with adventure, gods, powers and friends. Since then, it’s been Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and many more. So many fictional worlds that […]