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Mindfulness is God’s Gift

As a species, we often have a tendency to ruminate on the past or be fearful of the future. So when an opportunity presents itself for us to be self-aware – i.e. to focus on the present –  suddenly we see the world with a very different set of eyes.  This is where mindfulness comes […]

Embracing Change

Finding happiness in the strangest places has been a thing that is relatively new to me. Is it strange or is it just different, out of the norm? Doing things outside of my comfort zone has been the theme for me lately. I was never the type to go out of my way to feel […]

Life Starts When You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone can be defined as a space where “activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk,” and that’s why you need to leave it. Your comfort zone is safe, risk-free, and familiar, but life starts when you leave your psychological bubble for more stressful and scarier alternative. It’s […]

Death and Life Left Behind

I am a person that has experienced death way too many times for my twenty- five years on this earth. It is safe to say funerals are not for me neither is crying or feeling helpless. Those were the feelings I’ve felt through the years; I’ve always been a person that questions everything and hoping […]

Learn To Love Yourself

There’s a hard truth in life that everyone needs to know: not everyone is going to be there for you for the right reasons. It is a tough truth to hear but it’s what we all have to come to terms with. This truth took a while for me to personally understand and there are […]

Planning + Life = Changes we don’t Always Expect

Have you ever wondered why life isn’t going the way you planned? I could say from experience that the way I planned my life isn’t how it turned out to be.  Were there any regrets for that outcome? Maybe; but there was one thing I learned about planning your life, don’t plan the big things […]

Get Inspired & Live Your Life

Whether you are struggling to find a job, dissatisfied with your financial situation, irritated by a relationship, or feeling unmotivated and critical of yourself, you are bound to encounter difficult obstacles. But what distinguishes those who are optimistic and driven is how they react to such situations. It is up to you to change your […]

Life Through A Lens

Have you ever gazed through a telescope or marvelled at something from the lens of a camera? Chances are the answer is yes. At that point of contact, the lens of your camera becomes what your eyes are to your brain: an observant tool, curious to discover new and yet unknown territory. Cameras, like telescopes, […]

Dear Mama

Dear Mama, I pray this letter never reaches you. I am sorry. I am sorry you have to see this. Iam sorry I’ve left you alone. The moment I was grabbed from your arms into the clutches of ominous death I knew I would never return to you. Do you remember my hands you used […]

The Narrative

Life is cheap and irrelevant, a thing that naturally expires, some would not even spite on me if I was on fire. Why bother and waste their saliva? A tyrant’s propaganda cannot heal like the words of a saviour. Fear shrouds itself in the illusion of power, like a sheep clothed in wolfs clothing, their […]