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Tyrone Chambers’ Experience in Music, Management, and Multitasking

Tyrone Chambers is no stranger to the art of multitasking. With a full-time job, a start-up in the works, and multiple other projects and titles, he shed some light on how he achieves his many aspirations.  Chambers grew up in South London and graduated from university in 2015 in global business management. Since that time, […]

A Journalist’s Journey Into Narrative Writing

In news writing, you might as well give in your resignation if you, the writer, wind up in the article because the most effective way to lose all of your credibility is to present your bias for the world to see. So when I came to You Press four weeks ago, the idea of writing […]

You Press Partners With Force For Good to Choose a CRM System

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) have helped businesses, small and large, stay afloat for decades. The global market for these technology systems has reached a massive £54 billion pounds as of 2020, and has only become more vital in the post-pandemic years, as companies look for ways to become less reliant on the physical workspace. […]

Embracing the Journey: How Hostels Offer More Than Just Accommodation

Going to a foreign country on your own is a daunting and anxiety-inducing experience. You worry that you may struggle to meet people, or even worry about your own safety navigating such an unfamiliar place.  I was eager to arrive in London, but nervous that I would be navigating the city without a friend. I […]

Traveling Pianist Jonas Hirschler Shares Music Across Europe’s Streets

While exploring the city of Bath, England, I came across a man with wavy bleached hair and a rainbow-coloured sweatshirt sitting at a piano. The instrument was painted colourfully in blues, whites, oranges and yellows that resembled stained glass. Pasted on the backside was what looked like a map of Europe, but it was hard […]

Royal Docks Internship Programme Honours Graduates

Last week, the Royal Docks Internship Programme participants celebrated their graduation. These young people have spent the last 12 months working for various organisations around the Royal Docks area. The ceremony, held at the Good Growth Hub within the Hackney borough, brought together all of the interns to reflect back on all they have achieved, […]

‘Lead and Be Led Workshop’ Puts our Youth at the Forefront of Tomorrow

Earlier this month, the Anti-Tribalism Movement (ATM), in collaboration with You Press, began with the first of eight workshops dedicated to empowering our youth to find their identity and sense of self. The ‘Lead & Be Led Workshop’ was facilitated by Farah Mohammoud, founder and director at You Press, and held in the Shepherd’s Bush […]