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London Author, Farah Dualeh, Publishes New Book on Faith & Infertility

By Erin-Leigh Hoffman, Writing Intern When author Farah Dualeh began writing her book, Taking Control: A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Infertility, she realized that there is a plethora of resources available to women who are struggling to conceive or are dealing with infertility. Many resources were faith-based, but the representation of resources on infertility available […]

Hear Her Roar: A Review of & Juliet

By: Brendan Manning This past week I had the pleasure of viewing & Juliet, a musical in the West End featuring the music of Max Martin (the Swedish pop songwriter / producer behind some of the greatest 90s and 2000s songs). The story takes on a “what if” scenario and follows Juliet in a modern-feminist […]

Merium Bhuiyan of CakeFace Makeup on Self-Expression and Community

By Erin-Leigh Hoffman, You Press Intern Here at You Press, we specialise in helping people find their voice in their creative field and give them the opportunity to be heard. We offer resources to achieve this mission to a variety of people from different backgrounds. We offer the space for people to express themselves through […]

No Place Like Home: An Album Review of Harry’s House

By: Brendan Manning If it weren’t already obvious from the excessive number of posters at every tube station, Harry Styles released a new album. While the album has already achieved number one on the billboard charts and carries plenty of radio-friendly singles, the album as a whole is more substantial than the pop music it […]

An Outsider’s Perspective on You Press

By: Brendan Manning My understanding of You Press is that they are a groundbreaking enterprise in London focused on empowering voices of underrepresented and marginalized communities. This is done in a number of ways through music, graphic design, photography, and creative writing.  I was initially very impressed by their ability to balance the arts with […]

Spider-Man and the Issues of Masculinity

By Brendan Manning After two weeks in London, I’ve been thinking about the toxic masculinity prevalent in America. This refers to a representation of manhood utilising aggression, the suppression of emotions, and even the use of violence to assert power. Men who are physically strong often use this to further their male privilege. If this […]

An American Perspective on the Platinum Jubilee: A Reflection

By Erin-Leigh Hoffman, Intern at You Press The reign of Queen Elizabeth II has hit a historic milestone with 70 years on the throne. The 96-year-old has become the longest serving English monarch in all of history, and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee served as a several-day celebration of the life and reign of the Queen […]

An American’s London

By Brendan Manning As an American I love the Obamas, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and country western boots. Before arriving in London last week by myself from America, I had never even left the country.  I couldn’t wait to spend six weeks living in London, taking classes and becoming enmeshed in this cosmopolitan city. I’ve always […]