You Press Partners With Force For Good to Choose a CRM System

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) have helped businesses, small and large, stay afloat for decades. The global market for these technology systems has reached a massive £54 billion pounds as of 2020, and has only become more vital in the post-pandemic years, as companies look for ways to become less reliant on the physical workspace.

A CRM System consists of software designed to help integrate and store nearly all information seamlessly, from sales to data insights from customers and employees alike. It is designed to make all interactions within the company, and between company and customer, flow smoothly. 

As You Press continues to expand, we look out for any opportunities to help facilitate our growth. It was decided that establishing a CRM System would help take the organisation’s internal operations to the next level. Thanks to JP Morgan Chase’s ‘Force For Good’ initiative, we are working to begin a new era for You Press, one defined by vast improvements to the customer experience.

‘Force For Good’ “connects employee volunteers with hundreds of nonprofits around the world to build sustainable tech solutions to advance their missions.” You Press was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the organisations to receive aid. 

“Most organisations in the non-profit space can’t dedicate full time space to their technology space, but at JP Morgan that’s where we come in,” says Ali Marano, Global Head of Tech for Social Good at JP Morgan Chase. A team of ten volunteers with backgrounds in technology have spent months searching for ways to add value to You Press through technological solutions. 

They recently visited to present their work and seek out feedback from the You Press team. The volunteers were divided into groups, with each assigned a different CRM System to research and showcase, with the goal of one being selected as the best fit for You Press’ needs.

Copper was the first CRM System presented. It had an impressive presentation, highlighting the vast amount of integrations, including MailChimp (for the newsletter), Slack (for internal communications), and the Google Workspace (for pretty much everything else), along with its workflow automation capabilities. 

Bigin was the next to be shown, and stood out with their strong team management capabilities and communication pipelines for a competitive price.

More meetings will be held in the coming weeks to choose the system that fits You Press the most, and the JP Morgan Chase volunteers will work to optimise it for the team.

The goal for the future is to have absolutely everything in one place, easily accessible at all times. Emmanuel, who works as the Clients and Services Officer at You Press, deals with tons of information daily, sifting through lists of partner organisations, freelancers, and workshop graduates to make sense of it all. He is excited about the prospects of implementing a CRM System making his job easier.

“I can pretty much just type information in, and it will be there immediately,” says Emmanuel. “Before, I would have had to go on Google Drive and go through mountains and mountains of folders just to find what we need. It will make life easier for all of us.” 

With more than 100 projects globally and over 1000 JP Morgan technologists participating in “Force For Good”, You Press is just one of many nonprofits that are being worked with to adapt in the ever-changing technological climate. Any other nonprofits interested in the “Force For Good” program can fill out an interest form here.