Volunteering in The Community

Are you looking for volunteering or other things you can do to improve your work experience or your CV? Maybe you want to learn and explore new skills or find a way of giving back to your community. There is such a variety of options and activities that there is always something that appeals to everyone. 

LIBRARY I started volunteering and working with my local library because I love books. I love being around them and organising them! I often found myself in the childrens’ section of the library and helping children read and enjoy their books. I enjoyed this because the happiness and excitement on their faces after having read a good book is indescribable and made me feel happy myself. Due to the fact that some children were more keen than others when telling me about how they enjoyed their reading, I thought of it as a task for me to try and encourage them and get them to tell me more. For anyone who likes books, I would recommend going down to your local library and ask the staff if they want to volunteer. Most can be flexible and you can do whatever time or day(s) suits you best. 

NURSING HOME For those more interested in a medical or caring future and career, you will find it useful to volunteer at an old-people’s or nursing home. It is so important for elderly or sick people to have a peaceful and kind environment to live in and it is also rewarding to be a part of the team who make that happen. Just talking to people is much appreciated and you can have a personal relationship with those at the care home. When I visited one locally, I discovered that there are fun trips that take place regularly for the people there and when visiting the home as a volunteer, you can colour pictures with them, read them the news or just talk to them. Notable skills you will pick up are patience, communication and listening. It can give you great people skills as you are forced to be friendly and talk to people which will build confidence.

SOUP KITCHEN If cooking is more your thing then why not try working evenings in a soup kitchen to help the homeless. Every week, people come to work together in a kitchen to make meals so that those who can’t afford to make their own meal can eat properly. You can work either as a chef in the kitchen or serving the food to the many thankful people. It is an often eye-opening experience and teaches a lot about other people who are living on the streets and others who need the help. Soup is not the only food served there and the Christmas dinner is always impressive and delicious. Is it a way of bringing people together and giving you confidence; after preparing the food, you will join and sit with the people and enjoy the food you have made. 

By Sophia Brown