Time Flies, While Being Abroad

From my personal involvement in studying/ interning abroad, it’s definitely an unforgettable few months that you will continuously have in the back of your head. But since London is such a large city, sometimes it gave me anxiety and made me feel too overwhelmed to the point that I didn’t explore and manage my time enough. With the crowds of people, public transportation, and the large variety of boroughs within the city, there is an abundance of things to do. I think the main reason I didn’t utilise my time as wisely here is because of not being used to this style of living; I’m used to living in a relaxed and uneventful city in the states which is a huge difference compared to London.  

Now that my internship is coming to an end and my flight leaves in less than a week, I feel like I’m starting to scramble around to see as much as possible before I depart. Now that it’s too late, I realized that I truly should have planned out my time better while being here in London. Even though I have been here for 7 weeks already, there have just been countless amounts of opportunities and exploration that I didn’t take advantage of. On the positive side, I did tour Parliament, The Tower of London, The Globe Theatre, Banqueting House, Wimbledon and multiple museums throughout my time in London.

The point that I’m trying to get across is do not waste time abroad, because before you know it you will be taking off at Heathrow Airport! Take every positive opportunity that you can, and if you don’t, I’m confident that you will regret it when you are gone! Rather than staying inside or sleeping in late, start your day early, and you will realise how much more you can get out of a day. In addition, try to take a few minutes to plan out your day and time manage so that when you have the chance to go explore, you will be prepared and not waste any precious time. Traveling abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so take full advantage of experiencing the different cultures and environment that you are temporarily apart of.

If you ever plan to study/intern abroad, I hope you take my suggestions into full consideration. The clock is always ticking, and with the blink of an eye your experience will come to an end. By all means, I’m not saying that I didn’t do anything adventurous while in London; I just didn’t do as much as I potentially could have done. Don’t make the same exact mistake that I made, or you will be disappointed. There are plenty of other things that I want to see and do in London but won’t get the chance at the moment. London is a fantastic place and I hope to come back with a different mentality so that I can get the most out of the trip as humanly possible! Overall, I still truly enjoyed my time here in London and traveling abroad truly helped me grow as a person. To conclude, don’t forget about always time managing and planning to make the most out of a trip because it will quickly be over before you even realize!

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

By Drew Parker Nahmias