Paddington Art Exhibition Recap

The Paddington Arts Photo Walk Exhibition opened this past Wednesday, the 23rd of March, at Paddington Central. The exhibition featured a selection of photographs and collages that children from three local primary schools created in 2021 and 2022. Photographer Steve Shaw and artist Gail Astbury encouraged the children to shoot interesting and unique photographs with their cameras. 

Throughout the exhibition, the whimsical, carefree feeling of childhood stood out in the artwork. Pictures of the children doing silly faces, making funny poses, and just being themselves lined the walls of the exhibit. There were also photographs, taken by the children as well, of colorful objects and designs that made the exhibit very eye-catching. The photographs were integrated into a collage-style layout with each one complimenting the next and fitting cohesively together.

Apart from the children, there was another starstudded guest attending the exhibition. This guest was Hamza Taouzzale, The Right Worshipful Lord Mayor of Westminster. Taouzzle gazed at and took in the artwork for a while, admiring the creativity of the young children. He also addressed the children, praising them for their drive and enthusiasm for the arts. Despite his busy schedule, he stayed after for the slew of questions that the children had for him and gladly answered whatever he could.

Being able to witness the joy that these children experienced when seeing their artwork displayed in the exhibit was a very fulfilling experience. Feeling like your art matters is so important, and only continues to make us realize how important the work we do at You Press is. It was a wonderful experience being able to attend this event and was an honor to be able to celebrate the next generation of artists.

By: Maddy Adler