Embracing Change

Finding happiness in the strangest places has been a thing that is relatively new to me. Is it strange or is it just different, out of the norm?

Doing things outside of my comfort zone has been the theme for me lately. I was never the type to go out of my way to feel uncomfortable or different, I liked sticking to what I know.

Although that doesn’t include food, oddly enough I don’t mind trying different types of food. In life, change sometimes scares me.

Imagine being one way for so long and out of nowhere, like a spontaneous gust of wind, everything changes. They say sometimes change can be good and I agree but what if that change overwhelms you?

Being overwhelmed can be good but it can also terrify you if the situation isn’t embraced. I suppose that’s what I’ve been trying to do for a while now.

Here’s an example, graduating. Call it morbid or insecurities, but I thought the day of my graduation would never come. Now that is not saying that I wasn’t working hard, because I was, I just never thought it would happen.

That might be an unusual thing to say but it’s the truth. Graduating and becoming an adult, doing adult things was overwhelming but gradually I’ve been embracing the change.

In a sense, I’ve been taking charge of it all. The fear is still there but it’s not all-consuming.

Getting my first job was new for me. It’s an internship but being able to work and say ‘I have work in the morning’ was pretty exciting and in that respect I was doing what I love.

All these changes I guess you could say is all part of being an adult. Change in life is always hard. Sometimes you look at life and wonder why does change need to happen? But if you think of the evolution of life, it’s all because of change.

I wanted to run away from the constant changes in my life, but I didn’t because it wasn’t fair. You could run as far as you can but that would never stop the change from happening.

It would be like you standing as the parade is going by watching everyone else have fun and creating a story for themselves whilst you do nothing.

The meaning of the word ‘Change’ is pretty simple: to make or become different. So, it’s better not to be basic and simple but be different, evolve with the world and yourself.

That’s one of the things I am taking with me but holding that overwhelming feeling tight and let the change happen. Embrace the change, don’t run, nothing good comes from running even though it can be hard not to run.

Embrace it!

By Deanna Tuitt