I pride myself in being mostly focused on fiction as a reader. I adore big castles, dramatic battles and a good character arc, however I’m not averse to non-fiction. Throughout the years I’ve delved into a few non-fiction pages that truly changed my life, or at the very least gave me a new perspective. Here are some of my top pics:

How win friends and influence people

This book by Dale Carnegie was written in 1936, but don’t let the date fool you. It’s an intricate detailing of the best ways to make an impression and get people to like you. Whilst we should all accept that not everybody will be our cup of tea, Dale Carnegie explains how to network and excel with people both in your personal and professional life. It also includes many stories to make the lessons truly sink in. It’s one of those books that you actually should read every year, because the lessons transcend time but we also forget them quickly. Get a copy now and never let it go.


Possibly my favourite book, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari is a true game changer. It gives a complete history of humans, our evolution, our behaviour, and so many other interesting points. If you’ve ever felt at a loss for the future of humans, read this book and its sequel, Home Deus, for a true perspective on the intricacies of how we operate. It might give you peace knowing that some parts of human behaviour have been consistent for millennia – it might also sadden you to know we’re not likely to change any time soon. If you want perspective, history and philosophy, I can 100% recommend.

The 5am Club

If you’ve ever wished a non-fiction book could be written like a story, the 5am club is for you. It details the story of 3 strangers who meet a conference, and one of them turns out to be super successful all because of his morning routine. He invites the other 2 to join his “5am Club” and takes the characters and the readers of a journey to establish a morning routine for champions. His advice is really good (although I myself struggle to get up at 5am) and when applied it can no doubt change your life.

If you’ve read these books, don’t let that stop you from continuing on your non-fiction journey! Non-fiction is built for those who want to grow, learn and understand. Where fiction can subtly teach us about the world, non-fiction can make these lessons blatant and easy to understand. Pick up non-fiction every now and then, especially when the real world feels difficult. You might just learn something. 

Written by Gabrielle Coetzee