Voices of the Movement 2017

For our “Voices of the Movement” project, we put together a performance in 15 weeks to shed light on the challenges faced by refugees and migrants, and the stigma against displacement.

We worked with 11 participants, consisting of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, to influence them to share their stories and let their voices be heard. With the help of talented artists and volunteers from the community, the show was made possible in hopes of building a more accepting community of people from all different backgrounds.

Over land & sea, I follow my destiny…

With the help of expert facilitators, “Voices of the Movement” provided opportunities to learn and develop a wide-range of soft skills related to creativity, artistic expression, storytelling, nutrition and wellbeing.

The project provided a safe and nurturing environment for the participants who worked closely with the artists to help transform their narratives into powerful poems, spoken word pieces, and music.

The artists delivered the impactful stories in a vibrant performance, where the real-life narratives came together as one.

Voices of the Movement Album

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