‘Youth Tell Us’: The Guardian Series

You Press originated as a social action campaign to challenge the negative perceptions of young people in the media. After we formed our first media partnership with the Guardian, we successfully launched a series called “Youth Tell Us.”

The series was an online column consisting of published articles written by young people on current affairs and various social issues, such as education, political participation, employment, sexual health and multiculturalism.

You Press’ “Youth Tell Us” series won 1st place at the International Citizen Media Awards held in Germany. The award acknowledged our contribution to creating an active civil society and our commitment to helping citizens and volunteers to further develop themselves as individuals.

Since You Press’ inception, we have ventured into new territories to explore creative platforms in hopes of empowering people to find their voices and be heard.

The opportunity to express our ideas and, in a sense, ‘set the record straight’ about youth representations is something that reaches people on a macro scale.

-Olivia Health
You Press

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