‘Truth on the Roof’ is a 15-week storytelling project focused on helping young artists share their opinions on meaningful social issues through music and spoken word.



Spoken Word


We plan to promote social inclusion, community cohesion and artistic expression by training 20 young artists, aged 16-30 years, (from BAME backgrounds) to develop their employability skills.

These 20 participants will be the focus of 10 short videos in which they will showcase original spoken word, poetry and music reflecting the theme of…

Hopes for a Better Future

inspired by the pandemic


Young poets, musicians and storytellers, who either live, work or study in Westminster, will be given the chance to showcase and promote their talents, enabling them to build confidence.

This will be achieved by training our artists to carryout research and to interview employees, tenants and occupants of Paddington Central and performing original pieces created in response to those quotes, stories and findings.

The original artistic pieces will be filmed on the rooftop of one of Paddington Central’s buildings and published onto our YouTube channels, social media accounts and website.

If you want to be one of the 20 artists in this program, apply now! Applications close 16 July.

Watch our first ‘Truth on the Roof’ series below!

Once you share your story, you are no longer a stranger

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