The Hole in the Sock of Emigration 2016

This project was a partnership with Human Lex Instytut to create a unique international project between Poland and the UK. The project seeked to raise awareness of homelessness with the intention of dissolving negative stereotypes.

The aim of the project was to delve deeper into the root causes of homelessness, its impact on the individual and the community. Research for this project took place in two parts and was a collaboration between young people from the UK and a group of young people from Poland.

In October 2016, our group travelled to Poland and were trained by young people in filmmaking and photography. The UK and Polish groups collaborated to conduct interviews with the homeless and specialists.

In February 2017, the young Polish group travelled to London to conduct further interviews throughout the different areas of the city.

We created a documentary film by bringing together various interviews and photographs taken in the UK and Poland. The screening of this took place in July 2017.

The film was used for a homelessness campaign and exhibition that focused on altering the policies that induce homelessness and the laws that hinder change.

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