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A new programme designed to support developmentally delayed children and their families

Functional Learning is a method used to support developmentally delayed children and their families.

This is a method of childhood learning developed in 1976, based on research by Dr. Geoffrey Waldon. Jane Blatt, an experienced Waldon facilitator, has produced an updated book entitled “Every Child Can Learn” It is based on our knowledge about typical early childhood development and uses purposeful and enjoyable activities to help developmentally delayed children and adults to learn things that will help them to function in daily life.

What is Functional Learning Workshop And Why Should You Apply?

These workshops are designed to help parents learn more about the history and principles of Functional Learning, and how it can be used to help with their child’s learning needs.

Functional Learning uses appropriate environments, activities and practices that encourage children to expand their physical, functional, and emotional abilities.

Through our functional learning workshop you will learn:

  • The History and Background of Functional Learning
  • Play in Early Childhood
  • Secondary Defensive Behaviour
  • Social Play and Non-social Play
  • Play and Learning with Developmental Delay
  • Understanding communication with developmental delays
  • How to Provide an Appropriate Environment for Children
  • The Neuroscience of Emotions, Movements and Learning
  • How to Use ‘Learning-to-Learn’ Tools
  • Simple Play Ideas

How does the workshops work?

  • Gaining knowledge on how to integrate functional learning into day-to-day life
  • Understanding how we can use items around us for functional learning
  • Supporting families and children on their life journeys
  • Empower parents to implement changes that benefit their child
  • Learning ways to support child intellectually, physically, and emotionally progress


All participants will have access to free advice session at the end of the workshop and there will be slots available for you to sign up for a private meeting which is tailored to your needs.


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