What is ScribersHive?

ScribersHive is an online platform that allows young writers, storytellers and change-makers (ages 16 & up) to express their thoughts on various social issues and topics that matter to them. Whether it is through writing, poetry, visual art or podcasting, ScribersHive empowers young people to find their voices, share their stories, and be heard by the rest of the world.

The platform connects our audience to current events, social issues, personal stories and debates in a unique and interactive way. We believe this will contribute to the creation of a more inclusive community that values and understands young people’s thoughts and opinions.

ScribersHive Europe

ScribersHive Europe is a 12-month project that explores cultural and social issues in various European countries. Participants from 8 different countries come together to receive training in written journalism, comic strip/graphic illustrations, filmmaking and podcast production.

Creative Writing

Graphic Illustrations



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